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Earth Kids Foundation

The Earth, home to all the living creatures, is suffering from climate changes and environment pollutions. Group of kids who wanted to pay respect and appreciation to our earth have formed “Earth Kids Foundation” in order to prevent these sufferings kept happening.

Our promise

We are all here to save the earth suffering from the climate changes and pollutions. Many have worked on this past years but the earth is still suffering from it. Glaciers are melting fast due to global warming, some of the islands are in danger of going under the sea level, Children living in the garbage in certain S.E Asian country, all of these news terrified us. Therefore, we are here to promise to followings to save the earth.

  • Our main goal is to save the earth suffering from the climate changes and pollutions.
  • We will be active on the movement to save the environment.
  • We will prevent environmental pollution and be active on ecoactivity.
  • We will work with other organisations both domestic and international to achieve the same goal.

Things we do

What we trying to do is to save the earth. Saving the earth is not a difficult thing to do. Things like saving water, unplugged the power when not in use, reduce the waste are the way of saving the earth. We are working on these every day and that’s where we start our environmental movement.

We are all enrolled in school so we can not have much free time to do this. This is why we all gather during the weekends at Han river park and recycled the waste. We will expand our movement to areas like Nam-San mountain and into downtown.

Things we want to do

It is once again to save the earth! We would like many of our friends to join us and working on this movement together. If you want to join us, please click here! It’s as simple as that!

We would also want to work with other organisations who share the same view. We do not mind if your orgazniations are based domestically or international. If you have the same agenda like us please contact us! Especially those who organised by student like us. We would like to host a forum someday in the future with other organisations all over the world.