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2018 Science Fair Won!

Nov 22, 2018

Last Friday, our school Trinity International School held the annual TRIS Science Fair – like last year. My group members were Aoto, Oxford, Get, Winnie, and Marie. Since we learn Biology during Grade 9, we decided to take a recommended topic from our homeroom teacher & our Biology teacher Dr. Rachen: “The Effects of Different Light Colors on Photosynthetic Rate”.

During the weeks before our Science Fair, our group gave our best efforts by actively asking advices to Dr. Rachen and our lab teacher Ms. Melanie. We also made a mistake during our first time of the experiment, so we had to learn from our mistakes, suck it up, and restart it. Also, we would gather around during the final preparation week of Science Fair and ask ourselves questions related to our project to check if everyone truly understood our project from heart.

After the long day of Science Fair was over, despite thinking about the results, we were satisfied of our presentations and the way we answered the critically thinking questions from the Science Fair judges.

And today, during our chapel time, Dr. Rachen came up to the stage and said he would now announce the winners of the Science Fair. There would be each winning group from each grade. Soon, he called on Grade 9. I was confident that it would be our group, and it was. I still can’t forget the moment I was walking up the stage with my members. Our hard work was worth it, and it paid off!

I think science fairs are one of the great ways to let students team up, socialize, sometimes have conflicts, and learn from those experiences. This second year of becoming the winning group of my grade truly meant something, and I told myself that I would be ready for next year’s Science Fair in no time.

By Rock

Artist, Environmentalist, Minimalist and Mac Enthusiasts lives in my second home, Thailand.

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