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Thailand’s Perfect Nature, Can we keep it?

Feb 19, 2019

February’s Topic is ‘Regional or national environment that is so iconic to introduce to others though it is not well known internationally’ and to be honest, I don’t think there is any iconic environment in Thailand that is not well known, so I’ll explain the weathers and environment in Thailand throughout this report.

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, and it is famous for it’s hot and humid weather, tropical beaches, jungles. Lots of tourists from other countries come over to Thailand to feel it’s weather. The hot and humid weather is because Thailand is one of the countries in the entire Southeast Asia, which most areas are tropical. Also, in Bangkok, with many skyscrapers and buildings trapping the hot air, it even feels hotter.

With this weather, dwindling numbers of animals and plants live here, in Thailand. There are Asiatic black bears, Indian elephants, varieties of fruit trees, tigers, and leopards. But, unfortunately, with illegal trafficking in animals, there are lots of endangered species. The tiger, for example, are one of the most endangered animals in Thailand.

Thailand has the best conditions for animals and plants to live, as one-fifth of Thailand is covered by forest or rainforests. But with all that damaging the environment by building cities, no policies for illegal trafficking, Thailand’s beautiful nature is fading away from our eyes. Let us all hope one day we can see the amazing environment again!

Photo Copyright: Nomadic Matt

By Rock

Artist, Environmentalist, Minimalist and Mac Enthusiasts lives in my second home, Thailand.

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