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Increasing interests about environmental issues in school

Dec 26, 2019

Being a student activist for around 5 years in South Korea and Thailand, I’ve seen a lot of reactions towards issues like racism, poverty, anti-war, and global warming. Telling me to stop fooling around, Agreeing and giving compliments, but the most reaction I’ve got was ‘not knowing’ why or how these issues are being world-threats.

This ‘not knowing’ reaction might seem as, really nothing to others, but I believe this is why our world still has a lot of problems not solved, and only activists and some people are ‘knocking the doors’ of ‘not knowing’ people hoping they get aware and pay attentions to the seriousness of world-threat problems.

When I first came to my current school in Thailand, as usual most students and friends were not aware of global warming and to change their attitudes I’ve been doing and contributing to a lot of activities such as having fun quizzes on endangered animals, filming a video of my school students shouting ‘World Peace’, and more. As time passed by, more students started actively participating in taking actions and now, with a help of one of my teachers, our school made a club called ‘TORCH’, a community-service club with a lot of plans for our future.

Last week, I held a survey with two simple questions to students from my school in social media. The first one asks ‘how many trees are cut down each day for just toilet paper?’ with three multiple choices which are : A. 5,000, B. 27,000, C. 48,900. The second question asks ‘Are you interested/engaged in environment?’ with two choices : Yes and No.

The answer for the first question is ‘B. 27,000’ and the results were great. A total of 107 students answered and 49 students answered correctly. The results for the second question were 78 people for ‘Yes’ and 23 for ‘No’, a total of 101 people.

Analyzing the results of the survey, I felt great and motivated knowing more students are getting aware of world issues and are trying to take action for it. As an activist, I’ll work harder and harder until not only my school, our generation and our world starts taking action.

By Rock

Artist, Environmentalist, Minimalist and Mac Enthusiasts lives in my second home, Thailand.

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