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Sustainable Table – Food Waste: Why I became a student activist

Feb 1, 2020

Food waste. It is defined directly, ‘food that is uneaten or wasted’ and is one of the problems we humans are facing today. To give a dreadful fact, almost one-third of world’s food – which is approximately 1.3 billion tones – is lost or wasted. When I was a young kid who knew nothing about food waste, global warming, it didn’t have any impacts on me; before I experienced ‘food waste’ myself.

It was around 2014 in South Korea. As a pleasure-seeking kid, I always hanged out with my friends in a huge park called ‘Han River Park’ every weekend, playing basketball and riding bikes. One day, I was walking back from a convenient store after buying a bottle of water, and suddenly I could smell a discomforting scent. I turned around, and saw loads of food waste piled up in front of a bin. They weren’t recycled properly, some were just dumped on the floor, and pigeons were pecking food around the bin. It was unhygienic, disgusting and shocking.

Standing in front of the bin, I tried but couldn’t understand why people didn’t recycle properly and dumped trash everywhere when we were taught not to from schools, adults, commercials and more. This made me disappointed, dejected, and moreover, gave me a motive to contemplate deeply about environmental issues.

From that day, I got shocked every time with astonishing facts about Earth, global warming. I’ve been a student activist, an environmentalist, an ambassador in Tunza Eco Generation, and more. The piled-up food waste that day really prompted me to become who I am today, but ‘food waste’ itself is still struggling to go near ‘solving’ yet. We can all help by doing really, really simple things such as planning before buying, checking expiration dates, and donating to food banks. If everyone takes a small step, one day, it’ll bring us a huge impact.

By Rock

Artist, Environmentalist, Minimalist and Mac Enthusiasts lives in my second home, Thailand.

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